Portable RV Porch, Deck and Step Systems

RV decks, step, and porches
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custom designed
rv decks

Our drafting department can custom design rv porches and decks based on a client's individual specifications.

Lifetime Warranty satisifaction guaranteed

Patented Design Features

Portable RV Deck Bolts

Sunrise Decks utilize Clamping Bolts so that no tools are necessary for assembly. These bolts are also made in the USA and allow for easy set up and take down.

Self Clamping Bolts
Decks and Patios for RVs

Each adjustable foot has several holes in order to adjust the height. The aluminum barrels keep the rain out and provide a smooth surface for the bolts to rest.

Barreled Adjustment Holes
Wood RV Deck

The decking we use is an extruded PVC material that lasts a lifetime and is made in the USA. It requires no maintenance and can be cleaned with simple soap and water. We carry both the ashwood grey and natural brown as standard decking for all Sunrise Decks. Different colors can be special ordered.

PVC Decking
Aluminium RV Steps

Our extruded aluminum step is lightweight while being very sturdy. The surface offers slip resistant grooves, which are great for people and pets. The typical step is 24” wide and 9-1/2” deep. The stringers are designed so that the steps can adjust to match with the deck height settings so that you’ll always have an easy level step. The maximum rise for any model will be between 5-1/2” and 6-3/4”.

Adjustable Aluminium Steps
Portable and Lightweight RV Porch System

The Sunrise Deck® design and manufacturing process allows for tight interlocking joints. We use a TIG welding process to ensure strength while allowing for a nice clean appearance. Our special plastic bushings (Made in the USA) provide a smooth but tight fit.

Interlockling Joints
Portable and Lightweight RV Porch System

Sunrise Decks® are designed to be portable yet extremely sturdy. The patented design ensures very little movement once the deck is fully assembled making for a solid feel underfoot. The deck will hold up to 600 pounds.

Sturdiness and Stability

Portable RV Porch and Deck Systems

24 Series - 3 Steps
3 step RV porch and deck system
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32 Series - 4 Steps
4 step RV porch and deck system
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40 Series - 5 Steps
5 step RV porch and deck system
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RV deck accessories
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