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We can custom design a portable rv porch and step system based on your individual specifications and requirements.

Lifetime Warranty satisfaction guaranteed

Portable RV Decks & Steps

A Sunrise Deck enhances any travel, no matter where your road leads. It's a must-have product for all RV'ers

Sunrise portable RV porches, decks, and steps come in a variety of sizes and configurations. The standard deck platform is 45" x 45" although the decks can be expanded to double or even triple the size. You can select the steps to be oriented to the left, right, or center of any deck. A Sunrise Deck is ideal for people with leg, hip, or joint problems; or those RVer's who just need a better way to bring grocery bags, laundry baskets, and suitcases inside. For animal lovers, Sunrise Decks allow your pets to go in or out of the RV without having to be lifted.

Sunrise RV decks incorporate a number of patented innovative design features that offer varying height adjustment and selectable stair locations to match almost all 5th wheels, motorhomes, campers, and coaches. The telescoping legs and adjustable steps allow you to level the steps for each adjustment height. The legs adjust independently and are excellent for uneven ground. The measurements are calculated to accommodate the height of travel trailers, 5th wheels, motor homes and coaches.

Portable RV Steps, Deck and Porch Systems

24 Series - 3 Step RV Porch and Deck Systems

Deck Height: 20 1/4" to 24"
Options: Deck Size, Step Orientation

Our 24 Series incorporates a 3 step portable RV porch system and adjusts from 20-1/4" to 24" in 1-1/4" increments. These are great for lower RV’s such as travel trailers and many popular motorhomes. Each leg adjusts individually to allow you to adjust on unlevel ground.

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32 Series - 4 Step RV Porch and Deck Systems

Deck Height: 28-1/4" to 32"
Options: Deck Size, Step Orientation

Our 32 Series incorporates a 4 step portable RV deck system and adjusts from 28-1/4" to 32" in 1-1/4" increments. These are great for most 5th wheel RV’s and many popular campers or motorhomes.  The steps adjust so that they can be level in accordance with each height adjustment.

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40 Series - 5 Step RV Porch and Deck Systems (NEW!)

Deck Height:32-1/2" to 40"
Options: Deck Size, Step Orientation

Our New 40 Series incorporates a 5 step portable RV porch system and adjust from 32-1/2" to 40" in 1-1/4" increments. These are great for taller 5th wheel RV’s. Each leg adjusts individually to allow you to adjust on unlevel ground.

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Custom Signs
These aluminium signs easily attched to your deck rail and personalize your porch.
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Tote Bags
Pack your portable rv deck in our sturdy tote bags for easy storage.
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How To Order

We take all our orders over the phone. We want to be sure that the deck will fit your needs and confirm the measurements and configurations. We accept all major credit cards and we don’t charge your card until the deck is ready to ship. The only exception is when there is custom work required that may require a non-refundable deposit.

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Call to Order: 972-722-2098

Our Guarantee

satisfaction guaruntee

Sunrise Products, Inc. strives to maintain a standard of excellence that extends from our manufacturing to sales to customer service. If you ever have a problem or question, we are glad to help in any way we possibly can. We receive every call, question, comment, or complaint with your satisfaction in mind.

Sunrise Decks carry a limited lifetime warranty. We will replace or repair any item that becomes damaged due to our workmanship as long as you own the product. We will refund the full price of the product for 30 days allowing customers to make sure that the deck fits their needs

We want all our customers to be happy campers.

Patented Design

Patented RV Decks, Steps and Porch Designs

Our patented portable rv porch, deck, and step systems incorporate a superior design and simple interlocking components not available in other models.

Sunrise Decks use innovative clamping bolts, which allow you to assemble the deck without the need for any tools. Just imagine a comfortable landing put together in just minutes with absolutely NO TOOLS!

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