Sunrise Deck Shelf for 45″ Deck


This Sunrise Deck Shelf is designed to fit the 45″ side of a Sunrise Deck.  The custom brackets are designed to fit to any Sunrise Deck with a 45″ side (Kingston, Acadia, Denali, Shenandoah).  It’s easy to install and requires no modification to your existing deck.  Just remove the mid-rail bolts, install the brackets, and slide the shelf into place.  Very sturdy and can hold several potted plants, a small grill etc.  Also has holes for water drainage.



This Shelf is 42″ x 12″ x 2″ and attaches easily to any Sunrise Deck with a 45″ side.  Includes 2 brackets and can be installed either on the outside or inside on the side or the end of a Sunrise RV Deck.


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