Kingston (45″x45″)-Left-32 Series


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Kingston (45″x45″) Left RV-32 Series

Our Kingston-32 Series RV deck has a 45″x45″ deck and incorporates 4 steps.  It adjusts up to a deck height of 32”. When set up at the maximum height setting, each step has a consistent rise of only 6-1/2”. The Left configuration allows a 31” door to clear the handrail so that you can fully open the door. The lightweight frame is very sturdy and holds up to 600 pounds of concentrated weight. The decking is supported underneath by 3 supports for a very solid floor.  It breaks down into small lightweight pieces.  The #1 portable RV deck with steps made in the USA.

Deck Floor Height:

       Adjustable between 28-1/4″ to 32″

Deck Size:

       Standard: 45″ x 45″ 

Step Orientation: Left

Deck Floor Height:

Adjustable between 28-1/4″ to 32″


85″-87″ (including steps)

Step Size

24″ x 9-5/16″

Frame Material:

Steel – Powder Coated Black

Deck Material:

Extruded PVC- Ashwood Grey or Custom Colors

Step Material:

Extruded Aluminum, grooved for traction

Total Weight:

175 lbs (Left Configuration)

Tools Required:


For more information about Sunrise RV Products, please follow Portable RV Decks.  If you are looking for top-rated RV Parks follow Good Sam.


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